About Us
NorthStream Insights has been addressing critical challenges within reservoir management. As the industry has contended with shifting Oil-Water Contacts due to developmental activities, uncertainties have arisen in gauging distances accurately, impeding informed decision-making. The absence of precise pressure measurements within water phases in production wells has left critical data gaps. NorthStream Insights has introduced a revolutionary technology, placing custom gauges in wells and enabling continuous reservoir monitoring. By identifying drilling prospects and enhancing production near oil-water interfaces, the technology has been optimizing output control across different borewell sections. Water pressure gauges have been acting as sentinels, alerting potential flow restrictions to prevent water breakthroughs, contributing to reduced well count and substantial cost savings for the oil and gas sector. Notably, the company's focus on tools and services tailored to hydrocarbon fields underscores its commitment to driving efficiency and innovation within the industry.

To become world pioneers in transformative reservoir monitoring, empowering oil and gas decisions through cutting-edge technology.

To provide real-time and accurate data analysis by measuring pressure using innovative technology for revolutionizing the oil and gas sector.

Problems to solve

OWC Shifts and Changing OWC Locations

Shifting Oil-Water Contact (OWC) points in reservoirs complicate decision-making, while predicting and tracking their movement is crucial for effective reservoir management and production strategies.

Knowing Time-Dependent Pressure and Pressure Measurements in Production Wells

Accurate free water level and time-dependent pressure determination are vital for estimating OWC distance, but limited water phase pressure data hinders reservoir understanding.

Our Solution

Custom Gauges and Enhanced OWC Identification and Monitoring

Custom gauges have been placed in wells for continuous reservoir monitoring, enabling real-time data collection to facilitate quick adaptation and enhance drilling and production strategies. This has precisely identified and tracked OWC positions over time, allowing reservoir engineers to make informed decisions and adapt strategies.

Time-Dependent Pressure Insights and Direct Measurement of Water Pressure

Technology has provided insights into time-dependent pressure variations, enabling the accurate estimation of Free-Water-Level (FWL) distance by directly measuring water pressure in the reservoir rock. This has offered a holistic understanding of both oil and water phases.
Precise Pressure Measurement
Enhanced Decision-Making

Revolutionizing Reservoir Optimization

Precise Decision

Continuously Monitoring and Innovating

Cost Effective Reservoir Management


Meet The Team

Vijay Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vijay Singh is a versatile and specialized Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry across India, UAE, and Qatar. He has expertise in contracts, commercial, procurement, coordination, and business development. He has worked as a Senior Engineer Commercial, Deputy Manager of Contracts and Commercials, Contracts Engineer, Contracts/ Sales Support Engineer, Contracts Engineer, and Lead Contracts Engineer. As the Chief Executive Officer of NorthStream Insights, Mr. Vijay Singh is responsible for assessing emerging technologies in reservoir monitoring, overseeing research and development, and providing leadership to the management team to ensure the Company’s success within the Canadian market.

Mahmoud Mourad

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mahmoud Mourad is a highly accomplished and progressive sales and marketing expert with over 28 years of experience in the Middle Eastern pharmaceutical industry. He is proficient in building relationships, performance management, and strategic leadership. He has worked as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, Professional Sales Representative, Senior Sales Representative, Sales Lead, Country Manager, Managing Director, and General Manager. As Chief Operating Officer of NorthStream Insights, Mr. Mahmoud Mourad is responsible for developing and implementing the operational strategy, evaluating performances, and leading the operations team to ensure the Company’s success within the Canadian market.

Kamran Haider

Chief Analytics Officer

Mr. Kamran Haider is a performance-driven IT professional with 30 years of experience in system analysis, business and application support, and user acceptance testing in the banking sector. He has worked as a Manager-Business Support, Systems Analyst Manager, and Manager-Applications Support. As Chief Analytics Officer of NorthStream Insights, Mr. Kamran Haider is responsible for developing the analytics strategy, designing the data governance policy, and leading the development of data models to ensure the Company’s success within the Canadian market.

Riaz Hussain

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Riaz Hussain is a highly proactive and team-oriented sales and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, dairy, and food industries. He is proficient in sales development, strategic sales planning, channel management, and trade marketing. He has worked as an Accounts Officer, Area Sales Manager, District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Distribution & Demand Planning Manager, Regional Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Manager of Institutions Business, Sales Manager, and Head of Franchise and Institutions. As Chief Marketing Officer of NorthStream Insights, Mr. Riaz Hussain is responsible for developing buyer personas, formulating the go-to-market strategy, and creating a brand positioning strategy to ensure the Company’s success within the Canadian market.